Ultra Slimming Supplement (Kaem-Meen-Shonnu)



This Ultra Slimming Supplement is formulated in accordance with the Tibetan Science of Healing. It promotes healthy weight loss and alleviates swelling in the body due to excessive fluid retention. It also helps overcome tiredness and fatigue along with indigestion and irregular bowel movements.

Directions: Take one sachet a day either in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening with lukewarm boiled water. Add a teaspoon of honey for better results.

Ingredients: Chinese Rhubarb, Processed Calcite, Chebulic Myrobalan, Amla, False black pepper, Clematis sp., Ginger, Indian Elecampane, Liquorice, Shilajit, Processed Trona and Honey.

Recommendations: Avoid overconsumption of fatty and raw foods, sweets and heavy meals. Refrain from taking mid-day naps after a meal and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Warnings: Not recommended for children, pregnant women and people with anaemia.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

NET.WT. 1.59OZ(45G),