Rejuvenating Supplement (Gaay-Pa-Sowae-Chulen)



This Rejuvenating Supplement is formulated in accordance with the Tibetan Science of Healing to delay early aging. It helps alleviate weakness and fatigue due to prolonged illnesses as well as retains youthful skin and appearance. This supplement not only helps optimize physical strength, sexual wellness and sensory functions but also improves memory and vocal strength.

Ingredient: Chebulic myrobalan, Beleric myrobalan, Amla, Black juniper, Rhododendron sp., , Mahameda, Himalayan wonder-flower, Asparagus, Puncture vine, Pale sundew, Processed calcite, Sea buckthorn, Grapes, Butter, Date palm, Honey, Mineral exudates, Rice, Milk, Molasses, Rock sugar and etc.

Direction: Take one sachet daily in the morning on an empty stomach with either hot milk or boiled warm water, followed by mild physical exercise until sweating starts.

Duration: Recommended to take it at least for three months.

Warning: Avoid taking this supplement when suffering from fever and common cold.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Net Contents: 30 sachets of 2gms each.