Incense Stick (Medium)



This Incense Stick is formulated in accordance with the Tibetan Science of Healing. The history of incense making can be dated back to an early age of Tibetan civilization. Since 7th century, with the flourishing of Buddhism under the reign of successive religious kings of Tibet, the development of incense making reached new heights based on the secret tantric text by the great Indian Buddhist scholar Nagarjuna. Later, various formulations for Incense were developed by the great scholar of Tibetan Medicine like Zurkhar Lodoe Gyalpo and Deumar in 14th and 17th century respectively which were well preserved by scholars like Ven. Dr. Khenrab Norbu of Men-Tsee-Khang. This Incense stick having great history still continues to enjoy high quality and deeply rooted health benefits.

Ingredients: Safflower, Rhododendron sp., Indian Juniper, Kutki, Himalayan musk rose, Milk Parsley, Dragon’s head, Artemisia sp., and etc.

Uses: It is recommended for religious offering & meditation, elimination of negative energy and protection from malevolent spirits and contagious disorders. It also refreshes the senses and purifies the surrounding air.

NET CONTENTS : 40 sticks